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  • Preparing your online brand for a reputation crisis before it happens Nov 2, 2017
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    It is inevitable. Even when you have a great online reputation, great reviews and everybody loves you. Then one crisis hits you and you find yourself struggling to keep up. Every business worth its salt understands the value of reputation management when something happens, but only exceptional businesses take proactive steps towards preparing for a crisis. A negative impression of your business online, whether accurate or not, can easily result in loss of current and potential customers or partners and affect your company’s growth at the same time. Here’s how you can position your company online to protect your business from a crisis that is yet to happen.

    Own your story, tell your story.

    Before there is a need for it, you need to create your business story and tell it. For now, you have the widest audience, so when you tell your business story, you control the narrative. You need to stay ahead and control your search results so that a negative story or review stay as hidden in the background as possible. Create enough positive online content by submitting relevant and captivating articles about your business’s positive work to different blogs and websites so that can be the first thing people see when they search for your company.

    Make use of content optimisation

    Content is of no use unless it is optimised. Work hard to establish your business credibility long before it comes under fire. “There are several ways you can use optimized content marketing, such as providing insights on issues surrounding your business sector or offering relevant information about your business sector in a way that the general public will understand. Doing this will make the general public (and potential customers) look up to you as a business to be trusted.”
    - Alana - Online Reputation Management expert from Digital OX

    Keep it business, but go beyond business

    Keep your business more relatable with a cause that is not purely business. Many businesses are involved in charities and other activities that are not for profit. Talking about these extra business activities in a non-promotional manner keeps your business real and engages your customers positively. They also help bring your business to mind when customers are involved in these things as well. Remember that it is bad practice to involve your business in issues that can be polarising such as politics.

    Privacy is a double-edged sword

    In certain industries, it is okay, or even expected for their management and executives to be under the radar. Keeping a low profile has the advantage of helping your business remain in the spotlight. However, this can have the disadvantage of allowing the competition, and the press to control your narrative for you. The truth is, you can’t completely control your privacy and people are increasingly looking for what’s behind a business before they choose whether or not to engage. Rather than try to be private, you can choose to control your publicity. Choose what gets put out and what stays private. You need to manage the reputations of the executives of your company as much as you manage your company’s online reputation.

    Pre-emptive digital reputation management is the best insurance for when a negative story or review or a challenge to your business reputation finally happens. The positive content that you put out there will continue to speak for you till the controversy blows over.
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