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  • Bitcoin Wallet: How to choose the best one? Nov 6, 2017
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    Bitcoin App Development is one of the most prominent gateways for processing the digital payments. Now when it comes to digital payment, it should be understood the currency that is transferred over it is electronically generated and thus requires no stamp signature.

    Hence, the core purpose of a Bitcoin Mobile App is to transfer the cryptocurrency, named as Bitcoin. The Bitcoin-based mobile app is solely responsible for buying, selling and storing the Bitcoins. Now, the major key component that stores a Bitcoin is a Bitcoin Wallet.

    Thus, precisely the Bitcoin wallet is the most crucial part of a Bitcoin Mobile App; hence it should be selected very properly if you all set to make the digital transactions.
    But prior to choosing a Bitcoin wallet, it is vital to grapple a brief understanding that what is actually a Bitcoin wallet?

    A Bitcoin Mobile Wallet can be said as the private storage unit that accumulates all the Bitcoins. It generates a deposit address that you can share with the person, sending you the Bitcoins. Here, the multiple deposit addresses can be generated and all the transactions at the same time are authenticated with the private keys.

    In a similar way, using the authorized key you can transfer the Bitcoins to other users as well. Here depending on the day to day purchases and the amount your Bitcoin wallet is handling, we can categorize the Bitcoin wallets under two categories:

    Hot Wallet: It is best for making day to day transaction. Though they are not very secured but are very easy to access. The best suits for the short-term trading purposes.

    Cold Wallet: It comes in when huge transactions are to be made. If your major priority is security it works best. They very conveniently store the Bitcoins and can make them available for future use.

    With the above elaboration you can certainly capture a brief idea about the Bitcoin wallet app development, but how you should select it, well, keep reading the post for that.

    • Ownership:
    Make sure that your Bitcoin wallet generates the private key for your transactions, and in case you don’t own one, certainly, you are not authorized to control your Bitcoins. This is one of the major key features of a Bitcoin-based mobile app development. Hence, assure that it delivers the key before selecting the Bitcoin wallet. Having the private key ensures that you can move in and out your Bitcoins as per your convenience.

    • Identity verification :
    The Bitcoin wallet must ask for your information for logging in. It is vital that your wallet should be embedded with the identity verification parameters, so as to vanish the chances of fake registration.

    • Accepts more than one signature
    Your Bitcoin wallet app should be able to generate more than one address. In addition to this, it must also generate private keys for every transaction, in the case where you are making multiple transfers with the different sources. It is mostly required for safeguarding and protecting your transactions taking place.

    • Security:
    Check whether the transactions are taking place with the help of a Web wallet or a Mobile Wallet.

    In case of web wallet, check whether the transfer is taking place over the HTTP or HTTPS. Identify if the wallet offers you with the secured and authenticated logins. Undertake a proper research on the above matters, plus check it delivers you with the two-way authentication. Therefore, make a choice in case it justifies with all the aforementioned parameters.

    • Transparent:
    Check that the wallet provider maintains a transparency while making the transactions. Identify whether the wallet code is open source or nor, In case, it is not, certainly there is a threat to your stored bitcoins. Thus, look for the wallet that comes with the frequent source code updates and where you can check all the vulnerabilities associated with the transactions.

    • Reputation
    Determine the user base for the Bitcoin wallet you are selecting. Taking the help of search queries, find out if, it is popular on the internet. Communicate with the clientele for earning an understanding about the how smoothly the wallet functions? Or are there any security or operability concerns associated with it.

    Finding out the proper stats can help you get the best Bitcoin wallet app. Some of the best apps that are widely used are: Airbitz, Bitpay, BreadWallet etc.

    Therefore, if you are searching for a Bitcoin Mobile Wallet, ensure that comes with all the security-related parameters. Cleary analyzes all the paradigms stated above so as to select the best bitcoin mobile app for making the transactions.
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