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Fresh Threads: Cold emails, VOIP and Google Analytics

  1. Kat Haylock

    Kat Haylock Community Editor Staff Member

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    Hi UKBFers,

    Welcome to Fresh Threads, our weekly roundup of the best threads and debates from the forums.

    Here are some of my favourite conversations from the last week: 

    1. What are the best ways to improve cold emails?

    Mike_Cartwright, Sales, Marketing & PR

    What are your proven methods to increase the open rates and response rates of your cold emails? And how many follow-ups do you send before giving up?

    WebShop Mechanic: You need to stand out from the crowd because there is so much noise in an inbox. Subject lines are also key and is the first place where people usually go wrong. 

    Don't tell me exactly what you are selling because I will make up my mind before even opening your email and likely delete it. Make sure your subject line peaks my interest with a statement or a question. That's more likely to get me to open and read the email. 

    WebShop Mechanic nails this one – read the rest of the post here.

    2. What are you looking for when you visit the About Us page on a website?

    johnpear, General Business

    If you’re looking for IT services and you find a company’s website, johnpear says, do you visit their About Us page? And if so, what are you looking for there?

    Darren C: These pages tend to be a load of generic nonsense, or a one-man band referring to himself as we/us/our team etc. I think a few pictures and a bit about your background should suffice. An address, a contact number, an email and so on.

    UKSBD: A brief background, how long you have been doing what you do, when the company was formed, your company name, your company number, your VAT number, your data protection number, your name, your trading and registered address, your phone number, your email address, how much insurance you have, a photo of you, a photo of office and a Google map (with streetview).

    If you work from home, don't be afraid to let me know. If it's your first year in business don't try to give the impression you have been in business for years.

    webgeek: Until you have deals under your belt, where you can talk about accomplishments, focus on capabilities. This would be a good place to focus on how your skills, knowledge and experience can shape solutions that will save them time, attract new customers and build profitability.

    3. Please stop using VOIP phones

    AllUpHere, General Business

    Working as a consultant who mainly offers his services via telephone, call quality can have a significant impact on how successful (or arduous) AllUpHere’s work is. Then, he says, along came VOIP and it turned every call into a possible nightmare. 

    While AllUpHere recognises that VOIP has a number of technical selling points, he finds that the worst possible calls come from diverting VOIP calls to mobile. 

    As he says, if you use VOIP in your business - especially if you divert to a mobile or use a softphone app - find a way to keep track of call quality.

    MartinCivil: I can understand how diverting to a mobile could negatively impact the service, as you are then relying on the mobile service, but this would also be the case if a conventional landline was diverted to a mobile. Should we all stop using mobile phones?

    cjd: More often though poor quality is down to a bad installation and local network. With a hosted system on reasonable connection, call quality is better than a landline.

    eccommerce84: In my mind, VOIP is great but you need a good provider and good connection. I would agree with cjd that it's not the technology that's the issue but some of the ways it's implemented (probably more often than not on the cheap!).

    4. Agency isn’t allowing client access to Google Analytics because “he’s not paying for it”

    1weekSEO, SEO, PPC and Online Marketing

    1weekSEO works with an agency, similar to Yell, who have their own platform and clients pay monthly for their services.

    She recently asked for her email address to be added to Google Analytics, only to be informed that “the client isn’t paying for Google Analytics access so we are unable to process this request at this point in time”.

    As she puts it: All my whats!

    Alan: Google Analytics is a free product, but its administration is not free - it takes time. You may be flabbergasted, but maybe they’re flabbergasted at you requesting something they’re not commercially obliged to do.

    Justinalridge: They need to dump these pirates. I've seen it a couple of times and we've ended up starting again with a new website and analytics account. However, you need control of the domain for this. Do you/the client have that or is that also under the control of this agency?

    Splashweb: Is this a site that you can access and edit? If so is there a feature that allows you to enter your own GA code? In which case set up your own analytics account and use your own GA code.

    5. So long and thanks for all the fish

    Chris Goodfellow, Time Out

    This week we said goodbye to our editor, Chris. Chris worked tirelessly to create community-led content that people actually wanted to read on UKBF. He’ll be sorely missed, but he's embarking on some exciting new ventures – read his farewell here.